Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I hate Comcast, but little less this time

When I received my latest Comcast internet bill, I noticed my monthly internet cost has gone up from $54.99 to $82.99 for the Blast tier service.  The current download speed for Blast tier is 100Mbps.  The bill indicated the Performance tier would be $69.99 per month.  The current download speed for Performance tier is 50Mbps.   In order to save few bucks I want to downgrade my service back to Performance tier but I dread to call Comcast due to previous unpleasant experience.

When I call Comcast to downgrade my internet service, I was pleasantly surprised to talk to a very cheerful service reps.  I told her I want to downgrade my internet service to Performance tier due to the high cost, she offered me the current internet promotion.  She said the current offer for Blast tier is $69.99 per month and Performance tier is $59.99 per month.  She also said that the Blast download speed is 150Mbps and download speed for Performance is 75Mbps.  She even offered free cable TV with the $59.99 Performance service.  In order not to deal with Comcast, I declined all the offers and just change to Performance internet only service.  I just don't want to deal with cable box and another remote control, and then have to call them to cancel cable TV service later on.

I really hate the Comcast confusing service levels and  promotions. I also hate the annual price increase. Unless you beg, you don't get the lower price.  I was surprised to get the lower price without begging this time, I guess I was lucky to talk to a cheerful person.  All the people I deal with on the Comcast toll free number before gave me the impression they were either inpatient or grumpy, or hate their job.  Anyway, I am still looking forward to sign up the gigabit internet service offered by our city next year.  The charter price will be $49.99 per month for as long as I stay in the current address.  My advice to Comcast is to simplify your pricing and have more cheerful service reps.

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