Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Hate Comcast

I just have to rant about this.

I know many people hate Comcast, and I just join this group.  It all started with my acceptance to the so called " free" upgrade to the Blast internet.  Originally I had the Basic internet for around $43.  Soon after I accepted the "free" upgrade, I was moved to their Performance internet for around $54, that is like 25% rate increase.  When I contact Comcast about this, they claimed that my Basic internet is no longer available and the price increase has nothing to do with the free Blast upgrade.  I had the Basic internet for years, I found it hard to believe it disappeared as soon as I had the free upgrade.  This is really a sneaky way to hike the price. 

On top of that, they also increase the price of Basic TV at the same time.  Not sure if this increase has anything to do with the free upgrade.  Plus they encrypted the channels in the Basic TV service.  They forced you to have their digital adapter, now I have one more remote control to deal with.  I plan to get an antenna and discontinue the Basic TV service.  Why pay the $25 when you can get the same channels over the air for free? 

By the way, over the years, Comcast removed few really nice channels from their Basic TV channel line up, like Discover and Barvo.  The latest channel got removed was the MHZ channel.  They filled the Basic TV with filler channels like religious channels, shopping channels, and non-English channels.   

Rant off.  I feel better already. 

Update:  I sent an email to the Comcast corporate support to complaint about the price and threaten to cancel if they don't do anything about it.  Someone called back the same day and offered the Performance tier internet at $40 for 6 months plus free upgrade to Blast tier for 6 months. 

Additional thoughts.  Since Comcast has monopoly cable market in many areas, they can charge whatever price they want.  Their marketing model seems to be squeeze and antagonize their customers as hard as  possible.   If their customers complaint or threaten to switch, they would throw them a small "promotion" discount to keep them on their leash, like they just did to me. 

If there is such thing as corporate karma, Comcast isn't getting any.  Google "I hate Comcast" to see what others said about this company.  On Facebook, there are at least five groups with the title "I Hate Comcast".

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