Monday, December 8, 2014

Bye Bye Comcast Cable TV

I finally get rid of Comcast cable TV to offset the continue internet service price increases.  Beside why pay Comcast for the channels when I could get them free over the air?

My total monthly Comcast bill was around $68 at the beginning of the year.  The performance internet was $49.99 and basic cable TV was $25, with few dollars of package credit for total of $68.  Then I noticed price increased in August, then again in September and my total monthly bill increased to around $85.  When I questioned the price hike, I was told I no longer had the package credit.  At that point, I said I want to terminate the cable TV service in order to save $25, but was told this would not the case.  Getting rid of cable TV would increase my internet price to $69.99.  Looks like they get you either way.  No wonder so many people hate this company.

So I complained to the Comcast's We_Can_Help department.  Someone call me back next day.  I told the person that I am not happy with the price increase and I want to terminate the cable TV service without penalty.  Unlike the people I deal with on the toll free line, he was more helpful.   He gave me a promotional Blast internet price of $54.99 for 12 months and terminated my cable TV service.  He even gave me $20 credit on the October bill plus sending me a prepaid box to return the TV adapters. 

I am happy getting rid the cable TV, next year when our city offer Giga bit internet service I plan to get rid of the Comcast internet service too.  From what I read in the local news, many people were jump in joy for having alternate internet service provider. 

I can't wait to say the final good bye to Comcast.

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