Monday, November 25, 2013

I Hate Comcast...continue

As mentioned in my previous post, I really don’t like Comcast that much.  Here is another reason. 

Since I don’t watch TV that much, and the stuff I do watch I can get them free over the air, so I called Comcast to cancel my Basic TV service in order to save the $25 per month charge.  I am on fixed disability income, the $25 would buy me couple days of food.  But I was surprised to learn that canceling my TV service would actually increase my total monthly bill by about a dollar.  I was told my promotional price for the internet service is based on me having the TV service.  If I don’t have  the TV service, my promotional price would end.  Well, no one told me that when I accepted the promotional price. 

So I keep the TV service for now but I am not using it because it needs the digital TV adapter.  I can get HDTV over the air but I can only get SDTV with the adapter, plus I don’t want to deal with another remote and another power adapter.  I will cancel the TV service at the end of the internet pricing promotion. 

I am hoping I don’t have to deal with Comcast in couple of years.  I heard City of Longmont plan to offer internet service in 2015, this may be an option.  Worst come to worse, I would switch over to CentryLink DSL service.  Either way, bye bye Comcast.

Update April 2014
Comcast was voted worst company in America.  Read more




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