Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Origami, I still can do it

I enjoy doing  origami, but it is getting harder and harder to do.  I have adapted some techniques to enable me to keep going with this hobby.  For example, I use a dark marker to draw the crease lines and center point on the back origami paper.  Use high contrast background  against the origami paper.  One of the best tool is a shallow squared cardboard box lid.  To align the opposite edge or the opposite corner of the origami paper, I just put the paper flat against the inside corner of the cardboard lip and then fold the paper against the corner or the edge.   I am also able to fold some origami by feel with a design visualized in my head.   Following are few origami I done recently, and I plan to add more later. 

Go to this site to learn Origami.  Origami Instructions

Origami Black LabLab Face  Lab Side ViewLabrador Retriever - made with 3 sheets of paper.  Since most guide dogs are Lab Retriever, I made an origami Lab Retriever for everyone in our guide dog training class. 

Origami Lobster Lobster.  Made with one paper, about 4 inches long.  I believe this is my original design.

Origami Boat Fish Boat - I think this is my original design also.  It has an appearance of a fish crossed with a boat.

Origami Godzilla Godzilla.  Made with one paper about 3 inches tall.

Big Bird1 Big Bird2 Big Bird.  Made with one piece of 8.5 x11 inches paper.  The paper tension at the back of the beak  would keep the beak open, squeeze the top and bottom to snap close the beak with a snap sound.  


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