Sunday, November 10, 2013

Right to Die: a right way to end my nightmare

Update December 2015:

Colorado lawmaker once again to consider Right to Die law in 2016.  Although this is a welcome news, I don't think the bill is going far enough.  The bill is call Right to Die, but this right is only given to people with terminal illness with less than 6 months to live.  I like to see this right extended to all people with poor quality of life and who like to end their existing.  Why limit this right to people with terminal conditions when people with other severe disability who could also benefit from this.   For example, I would definitely don't want to live as an blind old man paralyzed in a bed.  Keeping me alive in that condition is extremely cruel and inhumane, while letting me die would end the suffering and spare the emotional and financial drain for my family.  In addition, it should save some social security money for the next generation.  It is a win win for all concern.

Everyone should have the right to die just as much as has the right to live, to that end, we should provide means to support both choices.  I think the Right to Die law is one  of the mean.

Colorado to consider Right to Die law again

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I have been having the same nightmare on and off the past few weeks.  I usually woke up in the middle of nights in soaking cold sweat and I couldn’t recall all the detail.  In the nightmare, I was blind, laying in my own shit in a bed, and very alone living in some sort of institution.   I think I am having this type of dream because I have been thinking about what my life might be like the down the road in my so called golden years.

I have heard some horror stories about how nursing homes mistreating their residents; I am deadly afraid I might end up as a blind, old, and bed ridden resident in a nursing home.  As I getting older, my body parts are getting worn out.  I already noticed my knees are hurting when using the stairs, my memory is failing, I can't piss easily without medication, and my vision is getting worse by the year, and who knows what else is failing inside me that I don't even aware of.  I could be became bed ridden with just one bad fall from the stairs.
 Big Red Switch for the brain.

While thinking about this very unwelcome future possibility, I fantasized how great would it be if human brain has a power off switch, like the big red switch on the old IBM PC.  When the time comes in which living is worst than dieing, I could just flip the power off switch and I could be relieved from all the suffering.  Too bad, there is no power off switch, I am hoping for the next best thing that is legalizing assist suicide or having a fatal heart attack while sleeping.  I am a strong believer in how to live my life and when to end it on my own terms.

“Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.”- Buddha


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