Friday, October 18, 2013

Large Button Phone with Talking Caller ID and Remote S.O.S Button

I was looking for a talking caller ID unit when I stumbled upon this RadioShack speakerphone, model 43-208  It has large high contrast keypad and buttons, talking caller ID, and came with a remote S.O.S button.  I think this is good desktop phone for elderly and people with low vision. 

You probably won't find this phone in RadioShack store or on its website, but you can buy it in eBay.  New one costs around $30, while refurbished one costs around $10.  I spent $20 for a lot of 2 refurbished phones. The refurbished phones and their AC adapters, phone cords, and handsets were packed in plastics bags and were shipped in one cardboard box.  The phones look new, well built, and in working order.

What I like
  • Large high-contrast keypad with voice feedback.
  • Voice feedback on most control buttons.
  • Voice feedback on menu items.
  • Talking caller ID. 
  • Talking phone book entries with your own voice for name.  If no voice recording, it would voice the phone number.
  • Intelligible voice.  Hear voice sample below
  • 3-line LCD display with contrast adjustment
  • Volume adjustment for handset and speaker
  • Uses 4AA batteries(not included) for memory and settings backup.
  • S.O.S emergency calling function.  More info below.
What I Don't Like
  • No back light on the LCD display.  Due to my low vision issue, I have a hard time to read the info on the display even at its highest contrast setting.
  • No voice feedback when entering phone number into the phone book. 
  • Caller ID voice phone number only if the caller is not in the phone book with recorded name.
  • No mute button.
  • No ringer off option.  The ringer is very loud even at its volume low position.

The S.O.S Function
One remote pendant is supplied with the phone.  There is also a S.O.S button on the phone.  When the S.O.S function is activated, it would call up to 5 phone numbers and announce your recorded emergency message.  You can tag any 5 phone numbers in your phone book.   To activate the S.O.S function, press and hold the red button on the pendant or the S.O.S button at the phone.  You can also use the pendant to answer and end a call in speakerphone mode.
The pendant has range of about 100 feet and runs on a 12V battery(included).

NOTE:  I did not buy this phone for the S.O.S function, so I have not tested this unction yet. I just found out many complaints on the S.O.S not working properly at the following link. 
Voice Sample

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