Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Telesensory Genie Pro Desktop CCTV

Mfg: Telesensory
Model: GEP-3
Description: Genie Pro Desktop Auto-focus CCTV
Price: around $2,500 (new)
Telesensory Genie Pro Desktop CCTV with X-Y table
Major features of this CCTV
  • Manual or auto-focus
  • Magnification up to 60X
  • X-Y table
  • 12 front ground/back ground combinations in text mode.
  • Adjustable contrast  
  • PC and CCTV share one monitor
  • Vertical or horizontal split screen modes  
  • SVGA interface for TV hookup
I found a used one listed in an university surplus equipment store for only $80.  A used one sold in ebay usually priced around  $500 to $1,000.  The listing said the CCTV was used by a retired staff and the equipment was in working order.  I was a bit concern about its condition because the price was so low, but I took the chance and bought it.   I glad I did, because the CCTV was in perfect working condition.

A desktop CCTV is a good low vision tool if you need to read a lot of printed material.   It is great for reading pill bottles, food packages, and writing check.  I like this model because it doesn't come with a monitor.  Instead it has a computer input to let you share your PC monitor with this CCTV, this arrangement enables split screen mode. 

Front view
The right two round knobs have combined functions of controlling position of high light marks, size and type of split screen.  The left knob is the front ground/back ground color selector.  The large round knob is the manual focusing knob.  The flip switch is the power switch.
Rear view
At the rear of the CCTV are connectors for PC, monitor, TV, and optional foot switch.    A monitor can be placed on top of the CCTV.
Text mode, white text on black
When view text, you have 12 front ground/back ground color combinations.   I like the white text on black the best.  The two horizontal lines are markers, their size and position are adjustable.
Horizontal split screen
The size and position as well as color combination are adjustable.   In this photo, the CCTV is the bottom of the screen while the PC is the top of the screen.  I use this mode to balance my checkbook.  I would read the bank statement on the bottom half of the screen and run the Quicken on the top half of the screen. 
Vertical split screen
In this photo, the CCTV is the left side of the screen while the PC is the right side of the screen.
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