Wednesday, July 27, 2016

ZoomText V10.1 upgrade, not for me

My PC is running Window 7 and ZoomText Ver 10 with no major issue.  ZT V10 does not run on Window 10, even though I have no intention to move over to Window 10, I had  concern that I won't able to buy a Window 7 PC in the future, so I bought ZoomText Ver 10.1 upgrade when it was on sale. 

I installed the ZT V10.1 into my current Window 7 PC to find out whether any performance improvement.  As soon as I put the CD, I encountered a problem.  The very first installation screen was in normal font, black text on white black background and not voiced.  I had no idea what to do until I had sighted help to continue.  The rest of installation steps were in large font.

The major issue I had with ZT V10.1 is that it no longer work properly with my Thunderbird mail client.  I like to use the ZT's mouse echo function to read my email line by line.  With ZT 10, when I hover the mouse pointer on line of text, it would speak the whole line then stop and the end of the line.  When move the pointer to next line, it would speak the next line to the end again.  If I hover on a link, it would speak the name of the link.  With ZT V10.1, the echo function no longer work correctly.  When I hover the line, it speak the first sentence only and stop speaking on the first period.  Moving the pointer to the next sentence or next line would not resume the voice.  When the pointer hover over a link, it would speak the link's long URL address instead the name of the link.  Watch the video below to see what I mean.  ZoomText tech support is aware of this issue and had no plan to fix it.

The other issues that I had on ZT V10 is that  in ZT V10.1.  The issue is when PC wake up from sleep mode, the speech function would be disabled sometime.  The only way to enable the speech is to reboot the PC.  I also found out that MS Office 2000 is no longer work properly with ZT V10.1/

Because ZT V10.1's echo issue with Thunderbird and MS OFffice 2000, I had to go back to ZT V10.  I am very disappointed by this software upgrade, waste of money.  Of course all this issues might be resolved if I upgrade to Window 10, not use Thunderbird, and use the latest MS Office, but the current working setup is working well for me and I don't have the extra cash for all the SW upgrade.

One last issue, after I uninstall ZT version 10.1 I noticed ZT V10 had few stability issues.  For example, ZT would not start up correctly all the time, had shutdown issue sometime, and others.  I had to unstall V10 and reinstall to get ZT Version 10 fully working correctly again.

ZoomText V10.1 Echo

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