Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our Valentine's day

See what you can look for after years of marriage.

Me: feel like go out for lunch?  It is Valentine’s day today.
Wife: sure if you want to.
Me: it is really up to you, do you feel like driving?
Wife: I don’t mind driving, where do you want to eat?
Me: How about some Dim Sum?
Wife: fine, if this is what you like.
Me: well, you can choose too, is Dim Sum OK with you?
Wife: it is OK, lets go.
After 30 minutes of driving, we arrived at our favor Dim Sum restaurant.  The waiter put us in the usual corner booth because it has larger space under the table for my guide dog.

We ordered some shrimp dumpling, chicken feet, and couple other Dim Sum dishes.  We set about half  the dishes aside to take home when my wife wanted to order something from the menu.

Wife: lets order something special from the menu.
Me: sure.
Wife: what do you like to eat?
Me:  we both liked that chicken in XO sauces last time we we were here, do you want to have that again?
Wife: not this time, I want to try something new.
Me: OK, you have the menu, I let you pick.
Wife: do you want to see the menu?
Me: I wish I could, why don’t you  read out few choices to me?
Wife: oops, I forgot you can’t see, ha ha.

After few minutes, she was still reading the menu, I ate a dumpling that that we suppose to bring home.

Wife: this ox tails in red wine sauces sounds interesting, do you want to try it?
Me:  sounds good, I just hope they can cook the ox tail as tasty as you did few days ago.
Wife: oh, I forgot we just had ox tail for dinner not long ago, let me pick something else, beside it is kind of pricey.
Me:  don’t worry about the price, just pick something you like.  Remember uncle Sam gave me few more dollars in my SS disability check this year.
Wife:  you sure?  I don’t want to spend your medication money.
Me: no problem,  enjoy it while we still have teeth.

 Few more minutes pass, I ate couple more take home dim sum.

Wide:  you like Kung Po Chicken?
Me: sure, but I thought you want something new? We had that many time already.
Wife: oh, yeh. I forgot, let me look again.
Me: Kung Po chicken is fine, it this is what you want, I am hungery.
Wife: Ok, just give me few more minutes to look at the menu again.

 In the mean time, I ate all the rest take home dumplings.

Wife:  I can’t decide, there are too many choices.  Do you want the see the menu…oops,
I forgot.  Big laugh and knocked over the teacup with the menu.  Guide dog Muddy licked the tea from the floor.

Me:  no problem, take your time.  I am full already and I can’t eat any more.
Wife: I can’t finished the dish by myself, if you don’t want to eat, I don’t want to order anymore.
Me: you can always eat half and take the other half home.
Wife: no.  Lets go home, I am hungry.
Me: do you want to buy some thing to bring home?
Wife: no, I can eat the leftover dinner  from last night.
Me:  ok, this is cheap date.
Wife: I thought you said money is no problem.
Me: well, it is always nice to stick to the budget….and more boring exchanges with the wife.

 I hope you had a more romantic time.






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